End Of Waste certification

What is this certification? Commission Regulation (EU) n° 1179/2012 establishing criteria determining when glass cullet ceases to be waste under Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

It is quite clear that glass entering our facilities from industry and households is waste in the legal sense of the term.

On the other hand, before this regulation, our sorted glass cullet had retained its waste status. Since then, glass cullet has become a product.

When it is transferred from the producer to another holder, glass cullet ceases to be waste, if all the conditions set out in the regulation are met.

End Of Waste Certification - Minérale

End Of Waste Certification - High 5


ISO 14001

Being ISO 14001 means setting up an environmental management system in all areas of the company.

Our company is part of the principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance by controlling our environmental impacts linked to our activities.

Our company has therefore set up an environmental management system which includes:

-an environmental analysis making it possible to draw up an inventory of our activities, the regulations applicable to them and the environmental impacts achieved.

-an environmental policy comprising a commitment to continuous improvement and compliance with environmental legislation and regulations.

-the organizational means, procedures, responsibilities, to develop, implement and implement, improve and improve our environmental policy.

This is how Minérale was certified on October 20, 2019 by Vinçotte.

ISO 14001 - Minérale SA

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