Our values

Being at the heart of recycling, and therefore in the circular economy, we make every effort to provide our customers with quality cullet to their full satisfaction but with respect for the environment and for everyone..

To that end, our vision is focused on the following principles:

- Quality

Our work day in and day out, extensive experience in glass recycling, and close monitoring of the market enable us to achieve continuous improvement so as to meet the requirements of our customers and of the environment.

We are also a member of The European Federation of Glass Recyclers (FERVER), which strengthens our brand image.

- Continuous development

In spite of being present in glass recycling for more than 20 years, we are constantly developing in search of various solutions or applications so as to achieve optimal recovery of all types of glass waste, as well as other waste resulting from the treatment. We adapt our activity in line with developments of the market also in order to comply with the environmental standards in force today. We actually insist on the necessity and need to respect the environment, as we will explain below.

- Safety

We are all parents, children, grandparents, sisters or brothers, godparents, in short, we all have loved ones, and we want each of our employees to be vigilant and responsible for their own safety and that of their colleagues, so that they can work in a serene and safe environment and everyone can get back to their loved ones at the end of the day. An accident happens quickly, that's why we regulary provide training sessions to make our staff aware of the risks involved.

- Respect for the environment

The natural world around us provides us with valuable natural resources, which contribute direct or indirectly to the well-being and development of every human being. We therefore make every to be ISO14001 certified, which is explained in greater detail in the Certifications. Today, we all owe it to ourselves to work with particularly attention on environmental management.



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